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El Chapo: the storm

Clouds accumulated in the sky of Ciudad Juarez, without leaving a single glare of sunlight. Soon, A storm would fall.

A man who once would have been as powerful as Pablo Escobar, now, crossed the airport runway led by the hand of his former arch nemesis, Mexican military and DEA agents. The Airport of Ciudad Juarez witnessed how this crime emperor left his country, perhaps forever.

A few months before, the lawyers of “El Chapo” tried to delay extradition by means of a legal fight against challenges and legal protections that alleged irregularities and human rights violations.

The boss probably planned a third escape; according to later statements, he had secondary plans for his second escape that might have served him in the third.

However, there was no protection to ensure any escape. On May 20th, 2016, his fate was sealed: the ex-king of crime would face the charges of four US states. At 4:31 pm the plane took off to New York.

There really was never a real hope for “El Chapo” after that. As part of the defense, there was a request for legal protection regarding to an exception in the extradition. The lawyer Jose Luis Gonzalez Meza tried to allege that the dealer was extradited in violation of the conditions of the Extradition Treaty between the United Mexican States and the United States of America.

Originally, the United States had to judge the ex-king of crime in California and then in Texas, but the US government asked the Mexican Foreign Ministry to make an exception to judge him in New York. The Mexican Foreign Ministry approved the request after seeking advice from Office of the Attorney General of Mexico that issued its approval before one day passed.

Another more recent attempt by the defense was to send a letter to President Trump in which the lawyer insisted that the extradition was illegal, before the extradition, “El Chapo” had the defense of the Supreme Court of Mexico. Other argument was that the US authorities have been denied the entry into the country of his relatives, a sign of “a very mean, inhuman, illegal and anti-christian passion” against the mother.

As the New York Times reports, the ex-mafia was found guilty of 10 charges, the final sentence handed down by Brian Cogan is life imprisonment.

The Alcatraz of the Rockies, the ADX Florence prison in Colorado, the most impregnable in the United States, will receive a new resident.

Is it the end of the storm?

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