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El Chapo: the war that never ends

Eight years of war against drugs in Mexico had only made the situation worse. In 2006, the year when the conflict was officially declared, there were four cartels, in 2014 the cartels were nine.

The suspicions of electoral fraud in 2012 and the disagreement of the civilian population with the reforms were palpable. To emphasize the issue, according to Este País, Felipe Calderon had a civil approval greater than 60%, in 2011; Peña Nieto had 39% approval in 2013, according to Reforma.

That is where a redemptive measure was necessary. Now, let’s transport to February 22th, 2014.

“El Chapo” fell prisoner again thanks to a police deployment cooperative between the authorities of Mexico and the United States. The big strike began as the victory that would heal the image of the government, but it became into another nail in the coffin of the presidential image.

“Oh, my God, you are, you …” said Víctor Vázquez, DEA agent, who was in front of a short man, with low profile, dressed only with underwear and knelling before him..

However, corruption had stuck its noses. During the operation, the DEA agents decided to work on their own in Culiacan, where they achieved the task. The reason was clear: due to incompetence or collusion, the Mexican authorities were too corrupt to work with the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Corrupt president; bribed, as we know from the recent statements of the leader of Sinaloa. Corrupt police according to the DEA. Badly fenced prisons and a whole system of bribes in the government.

The war against drug trafficking had not been served at all, that was very clear to us when “El Chapo” escaped again on July 11th, 2015 in a perfect movement. This time, the drug dealer fled Almoloya, using a thoroughing and very well equipped tunnel.

Corruption was in the air, there was no other way to explain a similar escape, so well synchronized. Guards, builders, supervisors, architects and engineers were part of the capo’s plan. The crime was more organized than the government.

Finally, everything ended on January 8th, 2016 with the third and last capture of the boss, after Peña Nieto admitted his mistakes and after a new deployment. The Mexican government could not get rid of the king of crime, it had to delegate responsibility to United States. The government knew it, so he finally extradited “el Chapo”.

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